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R51551-08-00 Rocket Thoracentesis Catheter 8Fg

R51551-08-00 Rocket 8FG Thoracentesis Set with 8Fg safety needle mounted catheter to give the best combination of drainage with superior insertion characteristics plus increased protection from the risk of needle stick injury

Contents: 8Fg catheter with 6 fenestrations, 1 cm markings that start 1cm from last fenestration, one way valve, stitch plate, tubing extension, 3-way tap. Verres needle, easy aspiration syringe, 60ml syringe, protection sheath and scalpel.

Carton: 5 units


SKU: R51551-08-00

Product Description


R51551-08-00 Rocket Thoracentesis Catheter 8Fg is indicated for the percutaneous introduction of a catheter into the chest for the drainage of fluid and features:

  • 8Fg CATHETER MOUNTED ON A VERRES NEEDLE: to give the best combination of drainage with superior insertion characteristics requiring less force whilst also providing further information concerning positioning in the pleural space, plus increased protection from the risk of perforation and reduces the risk of needle stick injury.
  • CURVED CATHETER: to minimise the risk of occlusion after insertion.
  • MOUNTED ASPIRATION SYRINGE: provides the classic and reliable indication of correct needle tip during insertion and also permits easy collection of a pleural fluid sample.
  • SOFT STITCH PLATE: allows the catheter to be secured into position with tape or sutures if required.
  • ONE WAY VALVE: that prevents ingress of air or leakage of fluid when the verres needle is removed.
  • TUBING EXTENTION & 3 WAY TAP: allowing easier and more comfortable access for aspiration.
  • DRAINAGE BAG INCLUDED: The set includes a 2L drainage bag. For the drainage of air, a properly vented, chest drainage bag with a non-return flutter or Heimlich type valve such as the Rocket Ambulatory Bag R54564 MUST be used.
  • CE MARKED, PURPOSE DESIGNED DEVICE, designed specifically for thoracentesis.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product code R51551-08-00
Length: cm 11
Size - FG 8
Method of Insertion needle
Needle size G 14
Radiopaque Yes
Supplied Sterile Yes
Manufactured without natural latex Yes
Sharps Safe? Yes
Units per carton 5
UK use only N/A
CH2 use only 2036411
USL Order Code 851551-08-00
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom