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Rocket Rigid Curettes

The Rocket Uterine Aspiration Range is designed to make the selection, connection and control of uterine suction cannula as simple and safe as possible. The range features a wide range of tubing sets and suction cannulae to meet your surgical needs.

Carton: 50 Rigid Curettes, sterile, individually wrapped, for single use.


SKU: R57971-GRP

Availability: In stock

Product Name Price Qty
R57972 Rocket Curved Curette 8mm curved Customer Support:
+64 021 1988488
R57973 Rocket Curved Curette 9mm curved Customer Support:
+64 021 1988488
R57974 Rocket Curved Curette 10mm curved Customer Support:
+64 021 1988488
R57976 Rocket Curved Curette 12mm curved Customer Support:
+64 021 1988488

Product Description


Rocket Rigid Curettes
Individually packaged, sterile, for single patient use available Curved in 7, 8, 9, 10, 12mm sizes

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product code R57971-GRP
Length: cm's 18
Diameter (mm) 7-12
Units per carton 50
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Video No