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Rocket Disposable Verres Needles

Rocket Verres™ Disposable Insufflation Needles offer a safe and cost effective method of gas insufflation for laparoscopy avoiding difficult and expensive reprocessing which is so frequently the cause of blunt, bent or blocked needles and jammed spring mechanisms.

Carton: 20 needles, individually packed, sterile, single use


SKU: R57920-GRP

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R57920 Rocket Verres Needle 14G x 120mm Customer Support:
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R57921 Rocket Verres Needle 14G x 150mm Customer Support:
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Product Description


Rocket Verres™ Disposable Insufflation Needles

  • DUAL OPPOSED OBTURATOR ‘EYES’ reduces risk of blockage from tissue and ensures rapid fill so reducing operating time.
  • INJECTION MOULDED HUB assembly ensures strength and needle security with no risk of needle detachment.
  • COMFORTABLE, EASY GRIP HAND PIECE gives precise control on insertion.
  • UNIQUE RED/GREEN INDICATOR SYSTEM shows exact position of the obturator ensuring the needle point is not unknowingly exposed
  • INSUFFLATION FILTER SETS with 0.1 micron filtration and hydrophobic barrier complete the range.
  • 3 SIZES AVAILABLE: 14G x 12cm and 15cm, 13G x 15cm

Additional Information

Additional Information

Product code R57920-GRP
Length: cm's 12 & 15
Units per carton 20
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom